# Interactive aliases

The interactive.aliases.sh file creates helpful shortcut aliases for enabling interactive mode to critical common functionality in the terminal.

The Interactive aliases are a collection of aliases that allow you to interact with your shell and terminal in a more interactive way.

# Interactive mode

Interactive mode (opens new window) is a mode in which the user is prompted for input before the command is executed.

This is a useful feature for commands such as cp, mv, rm, and ln that can be used to overwrite files or directories.

Alias Command Description
bin rm -fr ${HOME}/.Trash Remove all files in the trash.
cp cp -vi Copy files and directories.
del rm -rfvi Remove a file or directory.
ln ln -vi Interactive symbolic link.
mv mv -vi Move files interactively (ask before overwrite) and verbose.
rm rm -vi Prompts for every file before removing.
zap rm -vi Remove files interactively (ask before overwrite).