# Rust aliases

The rust.aliases.sh file creates helpful shortcut aliases for Rust (opens new window).

The Rust aliases are a collection of aliases that allow you to interact with the rustup and cargo commands. They are designed to be used with the rustup toolchain manager and the cargo package manager.

# Rust

Rust (opens new window) is a programming language that is focused on performance and safety, especially safe concurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but is designed to provide better memory safety while maintaining high performance.

Alias Command Description
ru rustup update Rustup update.
rca rustup component add Rustup component add.
rcl rustup component list Rustup component list.
rcr rustup component remove Rustup component remove.
rde rustup default Rustup default.
rnn rustup run nightly Run rustup nightly.
rns rustup run stable Run rustup stable.
rtaa rustup target add Rustup target add.
rtal rustup target list Rustup target list.
rtar rustup target remove Rustup target remove.
rti rustup toolchain install Rustup toolchain install.
rtl rustup toolchain list Rustup toolchain list.
rtu rustup toolchain uninstall Rustup toolchain uninstall.
ruc rustup update nightly Update rustup nightly.
rus rustup update stable Update rustup stable.

# Cargo

Cargo (opens new window) is the Rust package manager. It is used to build, test, and package Rust projects. Cargo is included with Rustup.

Alias Command Description
cg cargo Cargo shortcut.
cgb cg build Cargo build.
cgbh cg bench Cargo bench.
cgbr cg build --release Cargo build release.
cgc cg check Cargo check.
cgcl cg clean Cargo clean.
cgcy cg clippy Cargo clippy.
cgd cg doc --open Cargo doc.
cgdr cg doc --release Cargo doc release.
cgf cg fmt Cargo format.
cgi cg install Cargo install.
cginit cg init Cargo init.
cgn cg new Cargo new.
cgp cg publish Cargo publish.
cgr cg run Cargo run.
cgrr cg run --release Cargo run release.
cgs cg search Cargo search.
cgt cg test Cargo test.
cgtr cg test --release Cargo test release.
cgtt cg tree Cargo tree.
cgu cg update Cargo update.
cgun cg uninstall Cargo uninstall.