# Default aliases

The default.aliases.sh file creates helpful shortcut aliases for many commonly used commands.

# Default

The Default aliases are aliases that are not specific to any particular command. They are common aliases that are used in many different contexts and are listed here for convenience. The aliases are listed in alphabetical order for easy use.

Alias Command Description
:q quit Shortcut for the exit command.
bye quit Shortcut for the exit command.
ctf echo $(ls -1 | wc -l) Count the number of files in the current directory.
curl curl --compressed Use compression when transferring data.
da date "+%Y-%m-%d %A %T %Z" Display the current date and time.
h history Lists all recently used commands.
halt sudo /sbin/halt Shutdown the system.
ifconfig sudo ifconfig Append sudo to ifconfig (configure network interface parameters) command.
ipinfo ipconfig getpacket en0 Get network interface parameters for en0.
moon curl -s "wttr.in/?format=%m" Get the moon phase.
nls sudo lsof -i -P | grep LISTEN how only active network listeners.
now date +"%T" Show the current time.
op sudo lsof -i -P List of open ports.
p pwd Shortcut for pwd which returns working directory name.
path echo ${PATH//:/\\n} Display the $PATH variable on newlines.
pid ps -f Display the uid, pid, parent pid, recent CPU usage, process start time, controlling tty, elapsed CPU usage, and the associated command.
ping ping -c 5 Limit Ping to 5 ECHO_REQUEST packets.
please sudo - Execute a command as the superuser.
ports netstat -tulan List all listening ports.
poweroff sudo /sbin/shutdown Power off the system.
ps ps auxwww Getting full path of executables.
q quit Shortcut for the exit command.
qfind find . -name Quickly search for file.
quit exit Shortcut for theexit command.
r reload Reload the shell.
reboot sudo /sbin/reboot Reboot the system.
reload exec $SHELL -l Reload the shell.
shutdown sudo shutdown -h now' Shutdown the system.
spd sudo rm -rf /private/var/log/asl/* Remove all log files in /private/var/log/asl.
srv python3 -m http.server Start a simple HTTP server.
t tail -f Prints the last 10 lines of a text or log file, and then waits for new additions to the file to print it in real time.
top sudo btop Allows the user to interactively monitor the system's vital resources or server's processes in real time.
tree tree --dirsfirst Display a directory tree.
wk date +%V Show the current week number.
wth curl -s "wttr.in/?format=3" Get the weather.
x quit Shortcut for theexit command.